Managing My Emotions

The beginning of the Bill Cull trail

After solo-hiking the Bill Cull Trail in Monrovia Canyon on Monday, I wanted to come home and write a mean-rant blog. The city park was crowded because of the holiday and I watched the minivans come in droves. The trail was packed and, though the inviting waterfall was flowing more than it had been on my last visit, I couldn’t wait to get out of there. I got stuck behind a slow-moving family of twelve on a thin part of the path and, when the path widened, they pretended not to hear when I said, “Excuse me.” The icing on the cake was the sporadic shouts echoing around the canyon of children fussing about some baby squirrel. “Why aren’t their parents telling them to be quiet?” I thought. Each time their screeching voices met my ears, I became more and more irritated and wanted to scream back, “SHUT UP. I came here for some peace and you’re disrupting the whole forest.” I refrained and griped silently for the rest of my hike. 

I’m the kind of person that, upon recognizing something annoying, focuses on that something until it drives me nuts. So, obviously when I got home I was fuming and ready to vent. But instead of unleashing my frustrations upon the Internet, I took a nap.

The time I took to chill out gave me some perspective.

I realized that I allowed other people’s actions to dictate my emotions and it shouldn’t be like that. Those kids were enjoying the outdoors and getting some exercise. How great is that? I would much rather see children immersing themselves in nature than a mind-numbing video game. If they’re being loud, then it’s up to me to tune them out. Next time I’ll bring headphones…


A Short Walk, But A Big Step

My boyfriend and I after the graduation ceremony.  Photo by: Bryanna Harper

My boyfriend and I after the graduation ceremony.
(Photo by Bryanna Harper)

After a long absence, I will be picking up where I left off with my blog. Since my last post, a lot has changed. Probably the most significant of the changes is I am officially a college graduate. I walked in the spring graduation ceremony and returned in the fall to complete my last two classes. I can now say I have a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Public Relations and a minor in Marketing from Cal Poly Pomona.

With this change, I have decided to update my blog a bit and introduce a new title. I chose “Walks of Life” so I can document fun hikes and adventures as well as monumental stages in my life and things I learn along the way.

The road to graduation was filled with ups and downs, but I always kept my eyes on the finish line. I learned so much at Cal Poly Pomona and made some amazing memories that I’ll never forget. Walking across the stage to receive my diploma (or at least the case that will soon hold my diploma) made me realize how far I’d come and that I would not have been able to do it without the support of my family and friends.

My cousin and I walked in the same graduation ceremony, bringing the whole family together. Photo credit: Dustin Ramsey

My cousin and I walked in the same graduation ceremony, bringing the whole family together.
(Photo by Dustin Ramsey)

I’ve been through valleys, peaked mountains and now here I stand, precariously placed on this walk of life. I’m uncertain about what the future holds, but I know the knowledge I’ve acquired up to this point won’t let me down. Always eager to learn more, I look forward to what’s waiting for me around the bend.

Hiking and Volunteering

After helping to fill 25 trash bags in the San Gabriel Canyon.

After helping to fill 25 trash bags in the San Gabriel Canyon. (Photo by Hanna Storlie)

Recently I had the opportunity to combine two of my favorite things: hiking and volunteering. I helped to clean up a portion of the San Gabriel Canyon in the Angeles National Forest for the ‘We ♥ Pomona’ Bronco Volunteer Service Day.

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Hiking to the Top of Mt. Wilson

Smiling at the top of Mt. Wilson!

Smiling at the top of Mt. Wilson!

There’s something magical about reaching the top of a mountain. Despite being exhausted, your body fills with this natural high that makes you want to run around in circles and hug everyone. Or maybe that’s just how I felt when I hiked to the top of Mt. Wilson last year.

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Hiking Etiquette

Finally enjoying some peace and quiet at the Laguna Coast Wilderness Park.

Finally enjoying some peace and quiet at the Laguna Coast Wilderness Park. (Photo taken by Lisa Storlie)

I’ve been hiking a lot more than usual in the past two months and I’ve explored some new and familiar trails. The beautiful scenery and challenging workouts keep me coming back, but if I could change one thing to make my experiences more enjoyable it would be the other hikers. I’m not claiming to be an expert on trail etiquette, but I do have two points I’d like to address. Continue reading

Hiking With Mom

Our view from the lookout point at the end of Boat Road.

My mom loved the view from Boat Road’s lookout point.

Last weekend my mom and I drove down to the Laguna Coast Wilderness Park for some light hiking and quality bonding time. Despite the fact that I don’t have money to buy her the things she deserves on Mother’s Day, this hike gave us an experience that will last longer than any $50 floral arrangement. Continue reading

Hiking With Kids

Before hiking Flint Canyon trail P.S. The statement on his shirt is true.

Before hiking Flint Canyon trail.
P.S. The statement on his shirt is true.

The Flint Canyon Trail in La Cañada is a great place to introduce kids to hiking. Last weekend I took the 5-year-old I babysit on this hike and he had no problem navigating the well-maintained trail. After our 3-hour adventure, he wasn’t even tired. I was surprised by how much endurance he had. We had a wonderful time spotting ducklings floating down the small creek and coming face-to-face with horses. Each creature we crossed paths with was, of course, given a name.

It's nice to meet you, 'Frustin!'

It’s nice to meet you, ‘Frustin!’

(All photos taken by Hanna Storlie)